International Women's Day is an important global celebration celebrated on 8 March each year to celebrate the contributions of women and promote gender equality. It has been established in the 1900s and has become a day celebrated in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. This day is often celebrated with many activities to honor women such as giving flowers, and gifts, organizing cultural ceremonies, and educational activities, discussing and updating about women's situation and their rights globally.


International Women's Day is celebrated to honor the contributions of women and promote gender equality. Thereby, this day is also an occasion to remind about the rights of women in society. Here are some of the women's rights that are honored on Women's Day :

  1. The right to gender equality and not to be discriminated against based on sex.

  2. Right to education and personal development.

  3. The right to good health and adequate medical care.

  4. The right to benefit from policies and regulations that protect women's rights at work.

  5. The right to participate in important decisions in the family and society.

  6. The right to be given flowers and gifts is honored on Women's Day.

However, in reality, many women still face barriers and challenges in realizing their rights. So, on Women's Day, we need to remind ourselves of the need to fight for gender equality and honor the contributions of women in society.




To organize a party to celebrate Happy Women's Day, you need to prepare the following

A. Choose a venue

Choose a venue suitable for the number of guests, and the space that matches the style of the party you want to hold.

Here are some places where women can celebrate Happy Women's Day :

  • Restaurant: This is a popular venue for parties and often has party packages to choose from.

  • Hotels: Hotels are also a popular choice for large events like Happy Women's Day celebrations. Many hotels offer banquet facilities and conference rooms for events.

  • Park: If the weather is warm and comfortable, you can have a party at the park to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors.

  • Café: If you want to host a smaller and more intimate party, a coffee shop is a great choice to create a comfortable and relaxing space.

  • Tea Room: The Tea Room is an ideal venue for music and entertainment-related events. If you want to organize a party with entertainment items, the tea room can be a great choice.

  • Private House: If you want to have a smaller and more intimate party, you can host the party at your own home or a friend's home.

Note that, when choosing a location for your  Happy Women's Day celebration, you need to make sure it fits the number of guests and your budget.

B. Plan the menu

Depending on the style of the party and the preferences of the attendees, you plan the menu. There should be typical dishes for Women's Day such as moon cakes, fruit, chocolate, wine, cakes, and other snacks.

Here are some menu ideas for a Happy Women's Day party :

  • Appetizers: Popcorn, shrimp salad, pate bread, dried beef papaya salad, fruit canapé...

  • Main course: BBQ ribs, spaghetti with cream sauce, grilled chicken with lemon, salmon with spinach sauce, braised meat...

  • Vegetables: Lettuce, vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, bok choy...

  • Dessert: Cream cake, tart, pudding, fruit jam, ice cream, fresh fruit...

  • Beverages: Wine, soft drinks, smoothies, fruit juices, tea, coffee, and beer.

You can choose from one of the above menu ideas or combine them to create a menu that suits your taste and budget. Remember that the implementation of a menu must comply with food hygiene and safety standards, choose fresh ingredients, and balance between dishes to bring the best dining experience to guests.


C. Decoration

Decorate the party with fresh flowers, shimmering lights, and accessories suitable for the party style.

Here are some decorating ideas for a Happy Women's Day party:

  • Color: Use bright colors like pink, red, white, purple, or yellow to enhance the festive atmosphere and sympathize with the women.

  • Flowers: Use flowers to create vibrant and vibrant decorative spaces. Roses, tulips, or carnations are popular choices for a Happy Women's Day celebration.

  • Lighting: Use colorful led lights to create a warm and romantic decorative space.

  • Candles: Use candles to create a cozy and relaxing decor. Candles can be placed on the table or on candle holders to create a unique decorative atmosphere.

  • Backdrop: Create a backdrop with the theme of  Happy Women's Day and decorate it with flowers to highlight the photo space for the guests.

  • Table decoration: Create a beautiful party table with plates, cups, glasses, and silverware to enhance the decor and create a colorful party.

  • Balloons: Use balloons to create an outstanding and lively decorative space. You can use balloons in colors that match the theme or print images of women's icons to accentuate the decor.

The ideas above will help you create an impressive and special decoration space for the celebration of Happy Women's Day. Remember that party decorations need to fit your budget and preferences and must adhere to hygiene and safety standards to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests.

D. Prepare gifts

To mark this event, you can prepare some gifts for the guests. Small gifts such as fresh flowers, candies, perfumes, fashion accessories, and notebooks are good choices.

     Here are some gift ideas for Happy Women's Day parties :

  • Cosmetics: A set of skin care products or cosmetics is a suitable gift option for women.

  • Books: If you know the recipient's hobby of reading, a new and interesting book will make a great gift.

  • Jewelry: A necklace, bracelet, ring, or a beautiful set of jewelry will be a meaningful and luxurious gift for a happy women's day.

  • Drinks: A box of tea or a bottle of premium wine is also a great gift choice to show appreciation to women.

  • Fashion clothes or accessories: A new coat, sweater, bag, or shoe is also a fun gift option for a happy women's day.

  • Craft gifts: If you have the time and craft skills, a DIY gift like a home decor collection, wooden toy set or a beautiful painting will be very unique and meaningful.

The ideas above will help you find a suitable and meaningful gift for a happy women's day. Pay attention to the preferences and personality of the gift recipient to choose the most suitable gift.



International Women's Day is considered an opportunity for relatives to give gifts, flowers, and congratulations to women in their lives. Here are some common flowers given on this occasion:

  1. Rose: Rose is often associated with love and interest, so it is usually given on women's day.

  2. Orchid: a flower that has a meaning of elegance, originality, and sophistication. It is often given to express respect for special women.

  3. Carnation: The carnation flower has the meaning of patience and strength, so it is often given to strong and energetic women.

  4. Tulip: It has the meaning of love and loyalty, so it is often given on Valentine's Day or Women's Day.

  5. Lily: This flower has a meaning of purity, originality, and solemnity. It is often given to express respect for special women.

  6. Baby's Breath: Baby's Breath has the meaning of friendship and loyalty, so it is often given to close friends on the occasion of women.

  7. The hydrangea is also considered a symbol of luck, unity, and happiness, so it is often used to decorate festivals and special events.

In addition to the above flowers, there are many other flowers also given on women's day such as chrysanthemums, sunflowers, peonies, azaleas, jasmine, raspberry, and the crane flower.

Music and entertainment programs: To make the party more fun, you can prepare some songs and entertainment programs for guests to join.

Here are some music and entertainment ideas for happy women's day parties :

  • Live music performance: Hire a band or singer to perform live music at the party, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere for the guests.

  • Karaoke: Arrange a karaoke area with some popular songs so that guests can sing and have fun.

  • Dance challenge: Arrange a dance competition or invite a dance group to introduce and teach simple dance moves to guests.

  • Video games: Set up a gaming corner with popular video games like Just Dance or Wii Sports for guests to join in the fun and entertainment.

  • Classic games: Arrange classic games like checkers, chess, playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, piano, and other light games so that guests can join in the fun.

  • Fashion show: Organize a fashion contest or invite guests to show off their style.

  • Cooking challenge: Hold a cooking contest or invite a professional chef to show you how to cook new and delicious dishes.

The ideas above will help you create a fun and meaningful program of music and fun for a happy women's day. Pay attention to the preferences and personalities of the guests to choose the most suitable activities.

E. Schedule

You need to have a party schedule to manage the time and activities of the party.

Here is a suggested schedule for the Happy Women's Day program :

  • 14:00 - 15:00: Welcoming guests, giving gifts, and celebrating Women's Day.

  • 15:00 - 16:30: Live music performance or fashion show.

  • 16:30 - 17:00: Take a break with light games or enjoy snacks and drinks.

  • 17:00 - 18:00: Participate in recreational activities such as video games, reading, or learning new skills.

  • 18:00 - 19:00: Buffet or dinner party with delicious and attractive dishes.

  • 19:00 - 20:00: Performing arts, reading poetry, or chatting with guests.

  • 20:00 - 21:00: End of program and farewell to guests.

In addition, you can add or change activities in the schedule to suit the interests and requirements of your guests, creating a meaningful and fun program for Happy Women's Day.

F. Invitation letter

Finally, you need to prepare a beautiful and detailed invitation to send to your guests, informing them about the time, place, and activities of the party.

Sample invitation letter to celebrate happy women's day :

Dear [Guest Name],

We invite you to attend the Women's Day celebration party at [Location] on [Date] at [Time]. We want to share our joy and gratitude to all the ladies, aunts, sisters, and women in our lives.

The party will have a live music program, cultural performances, games, and a buffet full of delicious and attractive dishes. We believe this will be an opportunity for you to enjoy relaxing moments and connect with other women in the community.

We look forward to welcoming you to the party and celebrating International Women's Day.

Best regards,

[Sender's signature]

Here are some greetings for International Women's Day that you can use to send to women in your life

  1. Happy International Women's Day! Hopefully, you will always be loved and respected in life.

  2. Happy Women's Day! Wish you will always be free and equal and can continue to contribute to society.

  3. Today, we honor the women in our lives. Congratulations on International Women's Day and thank you for bringing many values to this world.

  4. Happy Women's Day! Hopefully, you will have a happy day surrounded by love and attention.

  5. Today is your day, lovely women. Wish you enjoy a great life and always be cherished and honored.

  6. Today we honor the women in our lives. Wish you have a great day and receive a lot of joy and attention.

  7. Happy day of lovely women. Wish you always be equal and loved.

  8. Today is your day, great women. Wish you a happy and cherished day like the most talented and smartest woman in the world.

  9. Happy International Women's Day. Just continue to show your contributions and become the most powerful woman you can be.

  10. Today, we honor and thank the women in our lives. I wish you a day full of joy and attention.

Meaningful conclusion on Happy Women's Day

On this important anniversary, let's take time to appreciate and honor the amazing women in our lives. They have contributed a lot to the development of society, families, and the whole economy. Send them your best wishes, and show them your love and respect.

We also need to remember that gender equality and equality for women are still a big task of society. We need to work together to fight for women's rights and build a world where everyone is treated fairly and with full rights.

Once again, Happy International Women's Day, and hope that we will always be together in the journey to honor and protect the rights of women.

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