Happy Birthday is a special day chosen to celebrate and celebrate one's birthday. Usually the person's birthday, or it can be a previously chosen date for a birthday party or special event. This day is usually celebrated with the participation of family, friends, and relatives to give gifts, congratulations, and best wishes to the person who has a birthday.


On the day of a happy birthday, people often organize special activities to remember, congratulate and create a special feeling for that person. Activities are usually giving birthday gifts, birthday cakes, birthday parties, decorating rooms, taking pictures, sending birthday wishes, etc. In addition, some people also organize sports activities, dance or go for a walk together to celebrate birthdays. All of this is meant to create a joyful, special atmosphere for the person being commemorated.

To organize a birthday party, you need to prepare the following

A. Location

Choose a suitable place to hold the party such as a private house, restaurant, cafe, flower garden, or special party room.

  • The location of the birthday party depends on the preferences and conditions of the organizer. However, some important factors that need to be considered to organize a successful happy birthday party include :

  • Convenience: The venue should be easily accessible, especially for guests unfamiliar with the area.

  • Capacity: The venue needs to be able to accommodate all guests.

  • Comfort: Comfort is also very important. Ensure the venue has enough tables and chairs, parking, air conditioners, fans, and toilets, ...

  • Comfortable and luxurious space: The birthday party space needs to match the style of the organizer and not be too cramped so that the guests can move freely and enjoy the party.

  • Should choose a  happy birthday party location that suits each person's budget and preferences.

birthday party

Happy Birthday Party

B. Menu

Prepare a menu that suits the taste of the person being congratulated and the guests. If you have vegetarian guests, you need to prepare more vegetarian dishes.

The happy birthday party menu can be varied and depends on the preferences and tastes of the person celebrating the birthday and the size of the party. However, here are some suggestions for birthday party menus :

  • Appetizers: Spring rolls, fried chicken, spring rolls, fried fish balls,...

  • Main dishes: Pizza, pasta, beef jerky, fried chicken with chili, Thai hot pot, grilled dishes,...

  • Dessert: Cakes, cakes, fresh fruits,...

  • Beverages: Soft drinks, beer, wine, cocktails, smoothies,...

In addition, you can add more dishes to the preferences and conditions of the person celebrating the happy birthday. If you do not have the time and experience to organize a happy birthday party, you can hire party services to help you with ideas and prepare the right menu.

birthday party


C. Beverages

Prepare all kinds of drinks such as soft drinks, beer, wine, tea, coffee, and fruit juice, ...

To organize a birthday party, drinks are also indispensable factors. Here are some drinks commonly used at happy birthday parties:

  • Soft drinks: This is a popular drink and is often used at birthday parties. Sugary, sugar-free, or carbonated soft drinks can be used depending on the preferences of the guests.

  • Tea and coffee: This is a popular drink at birthday parties, especially black tea, and coffee. If possible, you can prepare both ready-made tea and coffee for guests to use.

  • Cocktail: This is a drink with a variety of flavors and is often used at special parties. Popular cocktails include Margarita, Mai Tai, Cosmopolitan, Martinis, and Mojitos.

  • Wine: This is a drink used at luxurious parties or with rich guests. You can choose between red, white, or mixed wines.

  • Beer: This is a popular drink in many countries and is often used at birthday parties. Choose from popular beers like a lager, pilsner, stout, or wheat.

In addition, you should also prepare enough ice and preparation equipment such as glasses, cups, knives, coffee makers, ice machines, etc. to ensure the smooth and convenient serving of drinks to guests.

D. Birthday Cake

A birthday cake must be on the party table to celebrate the birthday of the person being congratulated. You can make it yourself or order it from the bakery.

To organize a perfect birthday party, the birthday cake is an indispensable part. This is a traditional gift and a symbol of birthdays. Here are the things you need to prepare to make a birthday cake:

  • Ingredients: to make a birthday cake, you need to prepare all the ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, baking powder, vanilla, and flavorings depending on your preference.

  • Tools: to make a birthday cake, you need tools such as an oven, mixing bowl, measuring tool, cake mold, cake cutter, whipped cream, and other tools.

  • Cake samples: you can search for birthday cake samples on the internet or watch video tutorials on YouTube to choose your favorite cake.

  • Decorations: to decorate the birthday cake, you can use whipped cream, candies, fruits, cookies, flowers, and other accessories.

  • Skills: to make beautiful and delicious birthday cakes, you need cooking skills and experience. You can search for tutorials on the internet or take cooking courses to improve your skills.

Note that, to make a beautiful and delicious birthday cake, you need to invest time and effort. If you don't have the time or skills to make your cakes, you can order birthday cakes at cake shops or restaurants that offer cake delivery.

birthday party

Birthday Cake

E. Decoration

Decorate following the theme of the party, such as balloons, fresh flowers, birthday banners, and other decorative accessories to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere.

To decorate the  happy birthday party, you need to prepare the following items:

  • Balloons: An indispensable item at any birthday party. You can choose bubbles with bright colors, especially those that are rectangular or round.

  • The fresh flowers  arranged by hand in pastel tones and bright colors will make the birthday party more sparkling and fresh. Roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, and baby's breath flowers will combine to create a unique and impressive decoration. You can arrange them in vases, glass vases, or bamboo baskets to make a beautiful fresh floral decoration. In addition, you can also combine flowers with other decorative accessories such as balloons, banners, or birthday banners to increase the attraction and highlight the party.

  • Happy Birthday, Banner: Banners can be custom designed with the name of the person celebrating the birthday and some images related to the birthday.

  • Greeting board: You can use the board to write birthday wishes or other meaningful messages.

  • Birthday candles: Birthday candles will make the party more warm and lively. You can choose candles with bright colors and the right size for the birthday cake.

  • Birthday decoration set: The birthday decoration set includes items such as lollipops, scissors, chestnuts, chocolate candies, jams, cookies, metal imitations, colorful items, etc. to decorate the table. party.

  • Other decorative items: Other decorative items such as flowers, leaves, spheres, and decorative tape, ... will help make your birthday party more sparkling and unique.

F. Music

Prepare a playlist of upbeat music to add excitement to the party.

Music is an important element in a happy birthday party to create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere. To have a proper music playlist, you need:

  • Arrange the order of songs to suit each stage of the party.

  • Choose songs that are appropriate for the age and interests of the person being congratulated.

  • Prepare speakers and appropriate audio equipment to ensure clear and appropriate sound for the party space.

  • If possible, you can hire a professional DJ or musician to create a vibrant atmosphere and create variety for the party.

In addition, you can also ask guests to bring musical instruments such as a guitar, and piano, to organize singing sessions for fun.

  • Gifts: You can prepare some small gifts to give to the person being congratulated on his birthday, to help him or her feel more happy and special on his birthday.

To prepare birthday gifts, you can consider the following:

  • Find out the recipient's preferences: Before buying a gift, find out the recipient's preferences and tastes. This will help you choose the right gift and bring joy to the recipient.

  • Giving flowers is a way to express affection, care, and gratitude to relatives, friends, and lovers. Each flower has its meaning, for example, roses represent love, carnations represent patience and strength, orchids represent sophistication and elegance, and chrysanthemums represent freshness. joy and joy in life, daffodils represent purity and innocence, etc.

  • Determine your budget: You should determine your budget before buying a gift. This helps you choose the right gift for your finances.

  • Choose the right gifts: You can choose gifts that match the recipient's preferences, for example, books, jewelry, cosmetics, food, crafts, clothes, shoes, and accessories. electronics, household items, etc.

  • Unique gifts: If you want to give unique gifts, think about handmade gifts, unique gifts designed specifically for the recipient, or gifts with meaningful messages.

  • Gift packaging: After you have selected the gift, you should also pack the gift beautifully and delicately. You can use gift boxes, wrapping paper, or wrapping gift bags to create a special and solemn atmosphere for your gift.

Note that the most important is the sentiment and meaning that you want to convey through the gift. A birthday gift is not only a simple gift, but it also brings emotions, messages, and good wishes to the recipient.

G. Prepare early

Prepare all the party essentials a few days in advance to make sure everything goes smoothly.

To prepare early for a happy birthday party, you need to have the following tasks:

  • Plan and decide on the date and time of the party.

  • Determine the number of guests, set tables and chairs, and choose a venue for the party.

  • Design, print and send invitations to guests.

  • Make a list of dishes, drinks, and decorations to prepare.

  • Prepare stage, sound, and light if necessary.

  • Order, shop or prepare food, drinks, and decorations.

  • Check and arrange to seat guests, and set tables, chairs, decorations, costumes, lighting, and sound.

  • Schedule the party, including the schedule of the flag raising, eating, taking photos, and other activities.

  • Check all tables and chairs, dining tables, decorations, costumes, lighting, sound, dishes, and drinks, and arrange them in the correct position before the guests arrive.

  • Arrange to park for guests.

Preparing early will help your happy birthday party go smoothly and make a good impression on your guests.

In addition to the above, you can also add entertainment activities such as games, music, karaoke, ... to create more fun and exciting atmosphere for the birthday party. Let's go to hoadep365 to see the entertainment games at the happy birthday party!

birthday party

Birthday Flowers

Games in the happy birthday party

Here are 10 popular games that are often celebrated at birthday parties :

  • Play bubble game

  • Play, dance, sing karaoke

  • Design a birthday t-shirt

  • Organize a game of marbles or water guns.

  • Organize a happy birthday drawing contest

  • Organize a quiz game on happy birthday themes

Cultural programs in the happy birthday party

Here are some cultural programs that are often held on happy birthdays :

  • Musical or Live Performances: Includes songs, accompaniments, and dance.

  • Fashion show: Fashion shows, posing, and showing costumes.

  • Comedy or drama performance: This performance will bring laughter to the audience.

  • Dance performance: Traditional or modern dance performances can be performed.

  • Poetry performance or monologue performance: The performer can recite poetry or perform a monologue to help the audience feel the emotions and mood of the happy birthday.

  • Performing arts: Art such as painting, carving, or modeling with clay can be performed.

  • Instrumental Performance: Performers can play musical instruments such as guitar, piano, or violin to bring special music to the birthday celebration.

Note that this list is just some examples and is not exhaustive. In addition, the organization of a cultural program on a birthday depends on the preferences of the organizer and the audience.

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